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Nano is tinier than tiny! A billion nanometers fit into one meter—you are ~two meters tall ;]. Pluck a hair from your head. A nanometer is hundred thousandth of that hair. Nano is a world we are just beginning to find ways to explore. Smaller than the micro world—the world of cells, bacteria, viruses. Smaller even than visible light waves. Yet Nano is bigger than the world of atoms.


Why is Nano special? Materials at the nanoscale behave differently than they do in our day to day world. We are just beginning to access and understand this new world where solutions to big problems may be found. Medicine, renewable energy, clean water. Fast cars, faster brakes ;}, way cool electronics. Nano is the wave of the future – and it could have a well-paying, interesting job for you! NanoEx will help you develop the skills you need to prepare for and find that job.

Hydrogen seperation