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Businesses with a nanoscience and technology focus are blooming in Colorado. Yet they often have to look outside the state for employees. NanoEx will give you a boost onto a career path that can lead you from high school onto college and straight into a well-paying career in the nanotechnology field right here in Colorado.


Have you heard anyone talk about "careers in the STEM fields?" What they mean is any job that has something to do with science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Nanotechnology involves all of those things. Doesn't sound like you? That's ok! Businesses in these fields also need artistic people, people who like to talk to other people, and folks who like to find new uses for things! Almost every field you can think of is finding new uses for nanotechnology.

The need for students in the U.S. to compete in the global marketplace and keep pace with advances in technology underscores the importance of students developing STEM knowledge and skills.

Occupations in the sciences are projected to grow by 26% from 2002 to 2012, at a rate approximately 70% faster than the overall growth rate for all occupations (National Science Board [NSB], 2006). In addition to the documented need for more students to earn four-year degrees in STEM areas, Bureau of Labor Statistics, economists, and industry indicators reveal a growing need for technician-level or middle-skills occupations (Holzer & Lerman, 2007; Kelly & Yakimov, 2007).


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Colorado is bubbling with businesses with a nanoscience and technology focus. Yet they often have to look outside the state for employees. (Here is a chance develop a well-paid position right here in Colorado!) ArrowWHY NANO?


Gold Collar Careers are high tech manufacturing jobs that push the limits of technology, engaging bright individuals who understand and embrace the latest machining, electronic, computer, and other technologies, as well as creative thinkers with applied/hands-on abilities to solve problems and get things done. ArrowEXPLORE CAREERS