Thank you for choosing to participate in the NanoExperiences project. This project is possible thanks to you!

Nano@Work, the second phase of the NanoExperiences project, represents an exciting opportunity for you to share your knowledge and expertise with students who might never have heard of the emerging field of nanoscience and technology otherwise. Remember, you could be igniting the interests of your next nanotechnician!

Each business's contribution is unique. Here are a few examples of experiences you might provide:

45 minute in-class presentation

  • Share your story, your career path
  • Offer a "talking tour" of your business

On-site tour or talk

  • Speak to students in small groups accompanied by a facility tour and/or demonstration

Host a student

  • Invite a student to job shadow for a few hours per day over the course of a few days
  • Mentor a student through coaching –presentation skills, resume building, and/or professional behavior tips

Nano@Work will bring to life the knowledge and skills that students explore in the first phase of NanoEx, NanoSurvey. Create an eager and motivated workforce by sparking students’ curiosity in nanoscience and technology and by making the concepts underpinning your business accessible to them. You could be the inspiration that guides a student’s career path!


Dash Identify career interests in NS&T
Dash Understand professional work routines
Dash Develop real world communication skills
Dash Appreciate diverse work environments
Dash Realize an education-to-career pathway

(Adapted from Education Northwest and Jobs for the Future)